Saturday, July 21, 2012

New from CHA Scrapbooking Attitude ~ Paper Film

I now have these in my store let me know if you want some :)

What is Scrapbooking Attitude™?     Scrapbooking Attitude™ is neither a paper nor a T-shirt transfer material. Scrapbooking Attitude™ is a new, patented technology that allows your printed ink jet image to be separated from the original paper carrier and transported to a separate surface to become part of that new surface.
What is it made from?     Scrapbooking Attitude™ is a high quality ink jet coating much like the coating you might find on professional digital photographic paper. The difference is that now you can actually 'remove' the coating [post printing] and transport that coating and image to a new surface.
What can I do with it?     You can use your inkjet printer to print images, photos, drawings, titles and journaling, right onto the Scrapbooking Attitude™. Once printed, you can then, transport that image and glue or heat laminate the Scrapbooking Attitude™ to almost any surface. The surface's color, print and texture will show through the Scrapbooking Attitude™ to create a patterned or embossed effect, right in the image!
Is it acid free?     Yes, acid-free, PVC-free, water resistant after being applied, smear-proof and UV resistant, which means that it won't fade under lighting or yellow over time.
How do you apply it?     Depending upon the surface you want to decorate, you can use an adhesive (glue stick), or heat and pressure (household iron or desktop laminator).
Is it permanent?     Yes, if you want it to be, by using glue.     No, if you want to be able to remove it, use an iron or laminator.
To what types of surfaces can you transport Scrapbooking Attitude™?     Paper, cardstock, chipboard, fabric, felt, ribbon, metal, plastic, leather, wood and more!
Can I use my die-cutter and punches with it?     Yes! Scissors, craft knives, die and electronic cutters and punches all work well with Scrapbooking Attitude™!
What is the most exciting thing about Scrapbooking Attitude™?     You can create your own expensive-looking canvas prints by wrapping the flexible, printed Scrapbooking Attitude™ around chipboard, canvas board and even stretched canvas.
Do I have to know a lot about computers or have special software? 
No! You just need to be able to print an image using your inkjet printer!

I have a few project in mind that this will be great on so I stocked up at CHA and have these on hand now in my store.  Retail $19.99 per package (6 sheets, 8.5 x 11 - in a package)

My Friends in the CHA Booth - Russ & Jennifer
Cha booth

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Vinyl Pop Machine makeover

July -Pop Machine

In our small town the Community group has this drink machine that they wanted to fix up and re-use. So they pulled off the old vinyl wrap, re-painted the machine black and I cut vinyl for it and with Jennifer's help we got it dressed in it's new look.

Happy Crafting!