Monday, March 5, 2012

Have you updated MTC?

I wanted to share Julies yahoo group post on MTC with my friends who have not updated their MTC because they have been.... busy :)

You need to download the latest version of Make The Cut version 4.1.0 in order to open all the wonderful files that are shared that were made in this version. See the video tutorial made by Scrappy Dew that explains how to install the newest version without overwriting the older version of Make The Cut.

Once you have the latest version of the software, you can open all files created in it as well as files made in all earlier versions. To do this, Open a file, Select All (Ctrl+A), Export as SVG (Ctrl+Shift+S). Open your older version of Make The Cut, and Import the SVG (Ctrl+Shift+G) to cut.

However, you may be able to cut to your present cutter in the latest version of the software. To find out, look on your computer for the Make The Cut Plugins folder.

If you have XP the location would be here:  C:\Program Files\Make The Cut!\Plugins
If you have Windows 7 the location would be here: C:\Programs (x86)\Make The Cut!\Plugins

Once you have installed MTC 4.1.0, go to the Plugins folder of the older version, select all (Ctrl+A) and Copy (Ctrl+C) then go to the Plugins folder of the newer version and Paste (Ctrl+V) or use the Edit menu to copy and paste. If you are able to copy all the plugins from the older version to the newer version, Open MTC 4.1.0, select Cut Project With at the top of the screen, and check to see if your cutter is listed there. If so, select it and try a test cut.
If your older version of MTC does not have a plugins folder, then you may need to continue to use the older version of the software to cut to your cutter.
Julie, craftymusician,  Flanagan Educational Services

Happy Crafting!