Friday, November 18, 2011

Question:  I have a Cricut. I finally found the pccplugin.dll that is needed. I add this file to the plugin folder in the program file for MTC and I can cut to my cricut using the MTC software correct?
Here is the info from the MTC yahoo board.
ProvoCraft staff has been vigilent in getting all copies of the Cricut plugin for MTC called PCCPlugin.dll removed from Internet sites. This file is required if you wish to cut from MTC to a Cricut machine. If you don't have this file, and cannot find it by searching your computer, then you should not expect to be able to cut to the Cricut from Make The Cut.

If you do have this file, then make copies of it and put it in a safe place. As long as you have this file, which was available in MTC 3.2 full and trial versions through March 16, 2011, you should be able to cut to your Cricut machines with all current and future versions of Make The Cut.

If you really want to use Make The Cut with a cutter, start saving your money to purchase one of the supported cutters. The Zing is also a nice option for MTC users. It packs a lot of cutting power into a compact machine at a very reasonable price. Check out the $99 deal on Pazzles (with 2 year membership in the Pazzles Craft Room). The MTC plugin for the Pazzles Inspiration has greatly improved cutting with this machine. Another option is the Gazelle. The new machines now have added perfected print and cut with the laser alignment. If you need a larger cutter with even more cutting power, consider the Cougar Black Cat cutter, with its cutting pressure up to 950 grams. There is a MTC plugin for Silhouette SD, if you don't mind the limited cutting width (7.8") of this machine. This plugin works also with Craft Robo and some Wishblade cutters, depending on your operating system.