Wednesday, May 27, 2009

S.E.I velvet Iron On's

I did this with SEI velvet Iron Ons.
I was experimenting to cut names for shirts.
It works.

The cricut bug head & flowers were layered then ironed down.

Yes I know on the black one the ou wasn't fliped, but I liked how it turned out anyway.

It says on the SEI website: Our transfers can be applied to any surface that will withstand the heat of an iron (i.e. wood, fabric, paper, glass, clay, cork, etc.) We have a variety of sizes and colors available, and create hundreds of custom transfers for specialty companies.Our tranfers work! They are easy to apply and will not crack, peel, or fade. Since they are made of fabric-fibers and not plastisol as many others on the market, you never have to worry about washing, drying, or ironing over your design. Iron-ons are great embellishments for scrapbook pages as well - completely acid and lignin free.

Darcie's shrink plastic!

Today I did several projects on my Cricut....

Yes you can cut Darcie's shrink plastic!

I printed page 20 and 21
from scrapbook elements vol1, ready to print folder.

They are pdf files, on my HP1300.

Plantin Schoolbook has a tag that was similar....and worked.

Cut design from Cricut Design Studio

  • I cut a piece of scrap paper with the design, to create a template to line up the shrink print. If your mat is super sticky it works great, but if it is not make sure you tape the edges down, you don’t want the shrink moving at all or it can bind up the machine.
  • Blade depth 6, speed medium, pressure low - cut full page 1 cut, this cuts each image one time, then press Load Paper
  • change to pressure medium - cut (design is setup to cut 3 times) press Load Paper
  • check blade for build up and blow it off if there is,
    it is OK to remove blade housing to check this.
  • change to pressure high - cut one time press Load Paper
  • check blade for build up and blow it off if there is, Check to see if it is almost cut all the way through. If it is enough the design will pop out of the sheet. If it looks like it is not all cut you can repeat until it is. But you need to watch so that it doesn’t pop out unexpectedly and foul up the blade while cutting.Depending on the newness of the blade, it may cut faster, but slow and steady had the best results.
  • I found that is you rushed thru this it caused the machine to bind up.
  • I did it this way to slowly cut down thru the plastic
  • Remember to Load Paper – Check Design – if everything is right unload paper, if not you can re-cut. If you unload the paper you will not be able to load it in the exact spot again, so get in the habit of LOAD-Check-then re-cut or unload.
  • I use purple painters tape to hold edges on mats that are not so sticky anymore, works great to help hold down edges.

9 shrink tags ready to use!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Mat conditioning

Here Dan explains why you may want to prep your mat. Ok well I'm new to the YouTube thing so they will get bear with me!

I do find it helps, sometimes paper does not want to come off a new mat.
I try to have 3 mats on hand so I can move from one to another when doing a project.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Marker & Cut Design

Here Dan shows how to mark a design then cut it.

remember to LOAD, do not unload.
I always LOAD, CUT, Load then check it and deciede to recut or unload.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New organizer for my Cricut

Tuck Away Work Station by Best Craft Organizers

Start with the Empty unit - it has 20 spaces.
YOU can choose to fill it with 1”, 2”, 3 ½” drawers, or 1” paper shelves.
Pictured with 9 paper shelves, 2-2” Drawers, 2-3 ½ Drawers

Order yours here:

Monday, May 4, 2009

note on deep blade settings from

The deep cut blade is recommended for:
  • Magnet (0.035"/0.80mm thick) with the recommended settings of Speed 3 (medium)Pressure 5 (max)Depth 6Multi Cut 4
  • Chipboard (0.059"/1.50mm thick) with the recommended stettings ofSpeed 3 (medium)Pressure 4 (high)Depth 6Multi Cut 5
  • Stamp (0.0415"/1.05mm thick) with the recommended settings of Speed 3 (medium)Pressure 4(high)Depth 4.6Multi Cut 1