Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Just returned from the StLouis CKC Convention.
Had a blast making the BEST Organized Crafter singles into a Cricut Desk, I talked to Best and .... something new and better is coming.... for the Cricut, Pazzel, wide format printer etc. Check back...

-- this is 2 Organizer Crafter base's with 8-2" drawers and 2 papershelves for regular weight paper and room for 3 Cropper Hopper Vertical paper holders

Rearrange the drawers.... like below with 2-2" drawers, 5-1" drawers

-- The top one inch drawer is for tools, and rest are for for cartridge box storage. The bottom 2" drawer is for the cords, if you swap the 1" and 2" top drawers, then on the right, the top 2" drawer would hold the jutebox cartridge holder and reach with the drawer shut...picture to come!

Want one? go here...http://www.lafrei.primweb.com/store/WsDefault.asp?Cat=OrganizerCrafter