Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Vinyl & the college student

Wall decorating - Lex wanted to decorate her college apartment (she had done some decorating at home with vinyl, we had cut together) Since she is like 5 hrs away I suggest she download the DS trial, create a design and then email me the cut file. Then she sent me a cut file....

I was not sure what it was to be... but I cut it and sent it back to her.

Here is what she did with it!
GREAT JOB Lex! Glad all those letters really did have a meaning.

Cricut Class - Design Studio 1

We had an educational night learning why Design Studio helps you be creative with your cricut. We also decieded to continue classes in November check back to see what dates were available at WNCC for us to get together. If you missed the September classes you are welcome to join us in the future, just email or call Lou Ann.

Did you do your homework.... Create a Boo card with George cartridge, PDDU was used for cat, spider and web. If you don't have that be creative! and use something else.

get the file

Happy Crafting!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Free Cartridge for Cricut

WOW great news!
Provo Craft is giving away 100 Winter Woodland cartridges over the next 5 weeks, 20 cartridges each week. All you have to do is search for the topic on their message boards and then post underneath it search for 100th cartridge it should come right up. Then you can enter again by posting on your blog about the giveaway.

Here is a link to the product “Winter Woodland” so you can see it:

Here is a link to the actual forum post as well for this week to get you started:

Happy Crafting!

Monday, September 7, 2009

DVD - cricut decorations for cakes

Get your copy of "Creative Designs" DVD, by Linda McClure.
Instructions on useing your Cricut to cut edible decorations for your cake decorating.

September Special is ~ Free Tylose with your DVD order
My online shopping cart is at

Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Yea! I did it - useing the my Cricut I made cake decorations out of gum paste for an everyday cake. My goal for the day was, can i cut works and how thick to roll the gumpaste.

Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Basic Cricut class· September 8th & 22nd · 6:30 – 8:30 pm· WNCC room 146 Sidney Nebraska Campus· Cost $30 (total for both nights, that’s only $5 per hour for the class)Bring:· Cricut – any size – Baby-6” Create-9” or Expression 12”· extension cord· Cartridge - George or Plantain Schoolbook· MatProvided:· Cardstock – you can bring some of yours also if you want to.· Printed instructions.
Register -->

Happy Crafting!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cricut Gelly Pens

I ordered the Cricut Gelly's and since I'm a tools and gadgets kinda gal. I just had to try them out. My order came this week and so I got to play a little with them.

I do like them, they are a little pricey. I think the creation and machineing to create the holder is the expenseive piece. I do see potiential for useing them. The Pink Stamper has a video and samples as does Dan99 so check them out.

Awhile back i got Mike's from the Cricut boards jigs for pens and they also work fine, the 4 jigs were about the same price as the gelly set, it does allow you to use different diam. pens and a mini sharpie is what I have used the most.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Well I played with some old fondant Kevin had here today, it works kinda. I had an old mat to clean up useing GooGone spray, took about 3-5 min and all the adhesive just scraped right off with a Pampered Chef scrapper. I marked it FOOD on the back. Now I'm in search for a pasta machine, rolling it thin was harder than I thought. I checked the store close to me but no one has one. Thats what happens when you live in a rural area. Next trip to Denver I will find one - I'm on a mission to try out Linda's gumpaste receipe with my cricut to make a cute cake.

My future chef... is otherwise involved at the moment however.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cricut Cakes

I just watched the dvd's by Linda on how
to cut gumpaste with the Cricut.
Very informative DVD's
and worth the $34.95 plus shipping.
Want one? Look for me at the
Valley Forge PA CKC show July30-Aug1.
"Creative Designs" is a 2-disc DVD set that introduces you to a great new technique for creating wonderful, unique decorations that truly make your cakes one-of-a-kind creations. I take you through an introduction to the technique and then decorate two cakes, demonstrating just how easy it is to really expand your decorating. This two and a half hour video will help you take your cake decorating to exciting new levels.
When Kevin and I get some samples made next week I hope after whea harvest is done, I'll post photos.

My cricut's new home

Just tickled with out well it worked out

Monday, June 15, 2009

new Cricut organizer

I got one of the new TuckAway organizers from Best and even if I liked my old one I do like the new one better. Less weight was the main thing I like and it's compact organization. I just had to use vinyl and decorate it!

Now I need a dust cover!

Since I use DS mostly, I have moved the cartridges off the Clipit Up into a drawer. I made wood slats to seperate the cartridges, they worked great. I have left the booklet and overlay in the holders on the clipit up.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cricut Bug Head Stickers

Okie inspired me!
So I have been playing with my cricut!

I made these to share with friends.

They are approx 3.5 x 3.75.
Vinyl Sticker (Oracal31 same as Provo sells)
(sticky back) green and white

Glitzy Sticker
(sticky back) green and white

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

S.E.I velvet Iron On's

I did this with SEI velvet Iron Ons.
I was experimenting to cut names for shirts.
It works.

The cricut bug head & flowers were layered then ironed down.

Yes I know on the black one the ou wasn't fliped, but I liked how it turned out anyway.

It says on the SEI website: Our transfers can be applied to any surface that will withstand the heat of an iron (i.e. wood, fabric, paper, glass, clay, cork, etc.) We have a variety of sizes and colors available, and create hundreds of custom transfers for specialty companies.Our tranfers work! They are easy to apply and will not crack, peel, or fade. Since they are made of fabric-fibers and not plastisol as many others on the market, you never have to worry about washing, drying, or ironing over your design. Iron-ons are great embellishments for scrapbook pages as well - completely acid and lignin free.

Darcie's shrink plastic!

Today I did several projects on my Cricut....

Yes you can cut Darcie's shrink plastic!

I printed page 20 and 21
from scrapbook elements vol1, ready to print folder.

They are pdf files, on my HP1300.

Plantin Schoolbook has a tag that was similar....and worked.

Cut design from Cricut Design Studio

  • I cut a piece of scrap paper with the design, to create a template to line up the shrink print. If your mat is super sticky it works great, but if it is not make sure you tape the edges down, you don’t want the shrink moving at all or it can bind up the machine.
  • Blade depth 6, speed medium, pressure low - cut full page 1 cut, this cuts each image one time, then press Load Paper
  • change to pressure medium - cut (design is setup to cut 3 times) press Load Paper
  • check blade for build up and blow it off if there is,
    it is OK to remove blade housing to check this.
  • change to pressure high - cut one time press Load Paper
  • check blade for build up and blow it off if there is, Check to see if it is almost cut all the way through. If it is enough the design will pop out of the sheet. If it looks like it is not all cut you can repeat until it is. But you need to watch so that it doesn’t pop out unexpectedly and foul up the blade while cutting.Depending on the newness of the blade, it may cut faster, but slow and steady had the best results.
  • I found that is you rushed thru this it caused the machine to bind up.
  • I did it this way to slowly cut down thru the plastic
  • Remember to Load Paper – Check Design – if everything is right unload paper, if not you can re-cut. If you unload the paper you will not be able to load it in the exact spot again, so get in the habit of LOAD-Check-then re-cut or unload.
  • I use purple painters tape to hold edges on mats that are not so sticky anymore, works great to help hold down edges.

9 shrink tags ready to use!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Mat conditioning

Here Dan explains why you may want to prep your mat. Ok well I'm new to the YouTube thing so they will get bear with me!

I do find it helps, sometimes paper does not want to come off a new mat.
I try to have 3 mats on hand so I can move from one to another when doing a project.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Marker & Cut Design

Here Dan shows how to mark a design then cut it.

remember to LOAD, do not unload.
I always LOAD, CUT, Load then check it and deciede to recut or unload.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New organizer for my Cricut

Tuck Away Work Station by Best Craft Organizers

Start with the Empty unit - it has 20 spaces.
YOU can choose to fill it with 1”, 2”, 3 ½” drawers, or 1” paper shelves.
Pictured with 9 paper shelves, 2-2” Drawers, 2-3 ½ Drawers

Order yours here:

Monday, May 4, 2009

note on deep blade settings from

The deep cut blade is recommended for:
  • Magnet (0.035"/0.80mm thick) with the recommended settings of Speed 3 (medium)Pressure 5 (max)Depth 6Multi Cut 4
  • Chipboard (0.059"/1.50mm thick) with the recommended stettings ofSpeed 3 (medium)Pressure 4 (high)Depth 6Multi Cut 5
  • Stamp (0.0415"/1.05mm thick) with the recommended settings of Speed 3 (medium)Pressure 4(high)Depth 4.6Multi Cut 1

Thursday, April 23, 2009

new project - Graduation

I did graduation invitation this week and wanted to share..
I wanted to use Items I had on hand...
velum envelops from hum 6 years ago
red cardstock with inclusion silver sprinkle
maybe it was for christmas cards,
my cricut, my computer & printer and
4x6 photo collage.
Nothing to fancy but we liked the finished results

Thursday, April 16, 2009

How did I do the Cricut Station
from 2 Organized Crafters at the St Louis Show??
PDF information sheet by L.Frei
Organized Crafter Rolling Work Station
for …Cricut, Pazzel, Wide Format Printer, scanner

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Just returned from the StLouis CKC Convention.
Had a blast making the BEST Organized Crafter singles into a Cricut Desk, I talked to Best and .... something new and better is coming.... for the Cricut, Pazzel, wide format printer etc. Check back...

-- this is 2 Organizer Crafter base's with 8-2" drawers and 2 papershelves for regular weight paper and room for 3 Cropper Hopper Vertical paper holders

Rearrange the drawers.... like below with 2-2" drawers, 5-1" drawers

-- The top one inch drawer is for tools, and rest are for for cartridge box storage. The bottom 2" drawer is for the cords, if you swap the 1" and 2" top drawers, then on the right, the top 2" drawer would hold the jutebox cartridge holder and reach with the drawer shut...picture to come!

Want one? go here...

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Design Studio Tips

You did it, you purchased the Cricut Design Studio software.

Ok Now what?

Here are some basic tips to help you use DS (Design Studio).
You can design with all of the cartridges, but you can only cut with the ones you have. Cricut Design Studio has the current available cartridges loaded into the program.
You need to get updates to the Cricut Design Studio at the Cricut website. The updates not only fix any bugs in the program, they also add the latest cartridge releases for you to design with.
They are FREE updates, but sometimes DS has the preview of the cartridge months before the cartridge is available. Sometimes the cartridge comes out, but the update to use it with DS takes months to become available.
You can create & save all kinds of cutting files with any cartridge they offer. While that is fun for experimenting, just remember that when you go to cut the Cricut will ask you to load the specific cartridge used. JukeBox allows you to have 6-18 cartridges connected to the Cricut all at the same time.
You can use more than one cartridge in a cutting. The options are endless. Bring letters and images from any cartridge into the cutting you are designing. When you are ready to cut, the Cricut will ask you to load each cartridge you used.
Connecting letters together to form one cutting is referred to as welding. In order to weld letters together it is important to remember to check the welding box for each image that has a bounding box. Another interesting tidbit about welding is that it removes any scorelines on the image. So make sure if you want to score you copy the image unwelded to a seperate page to score at a low cut first.
You can use cut files from other Design Studio users. Many Cricut Design Studio users freely share their designs & ideas. Google for them, read their rules and download the file to your computer. Design Studio will now open it. You might want to create a folder just for Cricut Downloads, you can even create a folder for each of your cricut friends so you know who shared it with you.
You need to get updates to the Cricut Design Studio at the Cricut website. The updates not only fix any bugs in the program, they also add the latest cartridge releases for you to design with.
When previewing a cut:- If it is welded together-the cutting lines will be in a bold line. - If an image previews as a solid color then it is not welded. - It is easy to miss checking the welding box on a letter as you are creating, - SO REMEMBER to Preview - saves you time and frustration!
You can use several layers when creating a design. For example: If you are creating a shadow for an image (say a black background for a PaperDoll, so her feature stand out) you need to open a new layer just for the shadow. Otherwise, when you go to cut, if they are on the same page, over lapping, it will cut the image and the shadow at the same time using the same paper. When previewing, the user has the option as to whether or not other layers show through to the one they are working on.

2009 is a year for learning & shareing!

Well 2009 is off to a bang! I've been to the first Scrapbook Expo show in CostaMesa CA and to the first CKC convention in Portland. Meeting people and shareing ideas is always a great experience. 2009 goal with my blog is to share all things cricut and to help those bugs get out of the box and into Creative use! Come back or follow me in my Cricut Adventures and in learning shareing Cricut stuff!